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116 x 25 = 2900  Referrals  25 Referrals Per Page for Neobux

75 Referrals For Neobux In 1 Day Automatically
423 Referrals For Clixsense In 2009
217 Referrals For GPT Bank

Referrals For Pay To Read (PTR), PayUSoon

You do know how much direct referrals are important, don't you?


The image above shows the importance of direct referrals. A topic written by Great PTC Admin in the support forums.

I got tired of renting referrals as 'Golden' in Neobux and recycling daily, renewing every month....

I tried different types of methods to get direct referrals.  They include

PTC Banners & View Ads
Traffic Exchanges
Referral Exchanges
Forum Signatures
Social Bookmarking & Networking and many more.

I got some referrals, but doing all those things manually is exhausting and very time consuming.

I then searched day and night for a reliable source for direct referrals, a source I can depend on to bring me referrals while I'm on vacation, while I sleep, while I do enjoy my time and still make big money.  I then found and developed a unique system that generates referrals for me on complete Auto-Pilot.

I got 1000s of referrals from this system.  But the power of this system is not only in getting referrals. But its ability to make them ACTIVE. What is the dream of any PTC user? Many active direct referrals and that is what my system provides.

Top 25 Direct Referrals  For My Neobux Account

100s of Active Direct Referrals For Neobux


Daily Clicks Of Active Direct Referrals For Neobux

Before this, I helped lot of Neobux and Other PTC members in getting Direct Referrals.

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